Life is complicated and to become a Holloway Escort leads me to success.



Life is hard, and every day of my life, I struggle a lot. I always dream to get away from this situation and have a comfortable life. But it is not easy like that; we have to undergo a lot of our life before we can reach success. We should never give up; even our path is not that good. Life challenges are typical, and we can’t stop, as long as we are alive, we all experienced that, and it’s up to us on how do we handle such issues. Well, many people have become successful, they came from poverty, but look at them now? A happily successful man. Many people have thought that when you are born poor, there is no chance for us to go beyond. Our status becomes the hindrance of it, which seems not correct. If other people make it, why can’t you? There are lots of chances and opportunities in our way. There are times that we don’t take it with the thought if we can’t make it. We already judge ourselves without taking a risk. Many times we feel ungrateful because we are used to it, we keep the negativity in our mind and it just reflects everything we see, and we do. There are lots of reasons for us to give up, but its the weakest action we made. Sometimes, we allow ourselves from drowning too many problems, and that can kill us, and the most painful is, we never give a fight. Poverty is the number one reason why people had experienced too many difficulties; it is also the number one problem of our government nowadays.


To live poor is hard, tiring ourselves day and night is not enough for our living. There are also people who keep increasing their family without a stable income. Those parents are dumb; they know that they are already poor, but they continue to add a member, which is more difficult because of no supply of foods, lack of education, etc. My name is Anna, and I lived in Chicago. We reside at the dump site for twenty-five years after the demolition of our house near the street. And its saddened because my parents keep our family bigger. I never went to school, but I always dream of it, picking up old books in the garbage and self-learning. My life is tough, but I never give up on it. Until one woman discovered me and brought me to London. I never doubted it; I want to give it a try. She brought me to Holloway, and become a Holloway escort from Since I become a member of it, my life has changed slowly and overcome difficulties. I have lifted my family and stay successful until now.

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