Juggling my personal life with London escorts

I had a few jobs before I joined London escorts, and if you like, they were much easier to juggle your personal life around. Working for London escorts is not like that at all, and I am having a really hard time juggling my personal life around London escorts. I love to have active social life with my partner, but I also love working for escorts in London. It is not only the job itself, it is also about the kind of money you can earn working for a fantastic escorts in London agency.

My new guy is really great about, but at the same time, it is not like he has a girlfriend who works down the local Tesco store. Not only does he have to wait for me when I am on duty with London escorts, but he has to put up with many other things as well. Lots of guys have mixed emotions about their girlfriends working for a London escorts, and this guy is not any different. He really likes me, but at the same time he is a little bit jealous. I can understand.

The biggest problem with working for London escorts is that you have to work at night a lot. It does not matter what you say. For most people it is really hard to relate to the fact that your girlfriend actually sees other guys, so I can totally understand how he feels about that. I always say that working for escorts in London is the professional part of me if you like, and what you see outside of London escorts, is the real me. He seems to get that and does not have a problem with that.

So far, we have actually managed things rather well. We have a date night once a week, and the following day we spend the entire day together. That is fine, and when I have a few days off from London escorts, we also try to fit in a weekend break or something like that. I have come to the conclusion that spending quality time together, is just as important about spending hours and hours together. When we go away for weekends breaks, we do things together and that is more important than sitting in front of the TV.

The start of a new relationship can be rather delicate if you know what I mean, Since I started my London escorts career, I have been through many relationships, and I have learned that taking it slow is just as important as rushing things. This is the first relationship I have had in years where I have not rushed things, and it feels better. I am much more confident that this relationship is going to last han any of the previous relationship I have had in the past. He is not only a nice looking guy, he is a bit of king of hearts as well, and I guess that is what I really like about him.

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